Link-d ricostruisce i legami disolfuro, protegge il capello dallo stress causato dai servizi chimici in salone e garantisce una forte azione cosmetica e condizionante.
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Pidielle S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in the design, formulation and manufacture of high quality professional hair care products. With headquarters in the province of Milan, the company has been offering its products supporting hairdressers on the international market for over 50 years.
Pidielle S.p.A. is always on the cutting edge,to ensure innovative hair care solutions, also in terms of safety and impact on the environment.

“The closer the product took form,
the easier we realized that it would improve the salon service.
Link-D represents a real revolution in hair chemical services”

R&S Team

lab Elgon


“I really trusted in Link-D product.
We needed a product that protects the hair.
From the first application I realized that the promise had been fulfilled

Team Education