Link-d ricostruisce i legami disolfuro, protegge il capello dallo stress causato dai servizi chimici in salone e garantisce una forte azione cosmetica e condizionante.
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As of now, it is possible to perform any technical service:

•In complete safety;


•Without changing processing times, dilutions or volumes of the bleach chosen.

The three steps are able to synergistically contribute, but to a different extent, to the reconstruction, the rejoining and the strengthening of the bonds in hair, for a final result that is both visible and tangible.

LINK-D reconstructs and repairs the hair’s disulphide bridges, protecting hair from the stress caused by chemical services in the salon and by ensuring strong cosmetic and conditioning action.


Without Link-D
Hair damaged by chemical treatments


With Link-D
Restructures the disulphide bridges, strengthens and protects hair

This is possible because of its new, innovative formula designed ad hoc at the Pidielle S.p.A. laboratories. The formula, composed of liposomes, enables the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the structure of all hair types.

The liposomes, comprising phospholipids, because of their spherical shape, actually create their own capsules, which, when they come into contact with the hair, open up and release our active ingredients:
• to moisturize the scalp we included Arginine;

• to restructure and strengthen the hair fibres we included keratin and soy and wheat amino acids. These are the building blocks that do the job;

• to catalyse the formation of disulphide bridges, among the amino acids found in the hair keratin and those found in the liposomes, there is the Laccase enzyme;

• to create favourable conditions for the disulphide bridge formation reaction to occur, we added bamboo leaf extract in the end.